Damaged late model Penitentiary Interrogation / Security Droid.


PN-17, Penitentiary Interrogation/Security Droid
Wounds: 13 Strain: 13 Soak: 2 Defense: 0
Obligation: 15 (obsession – religion/spirituality)
Exp: 0

1 Braun
1 Agility
1 Intelligence
1 Cunning
3 Willpower
3 Presence

1 Knowledge (Lore) – Int
1 Negotiate – Pre
1 Streetwise – Cun
2 Deception – Cun
2 Charm – Pre
1 Leadership – Pre
2 Coerce – Wil
2 Discipline – Wil
2 Range (heavy) – Agi

Toughened – +2 Wounds
Plausible Deniability – –1 black on Decep/Coerce
Well Rounded – 2 more Class skills
Scathing Tirade
Enduring – +1 Soak

GEAR – 4 credits
Blaster Carbine (stun only) – “Riot Gun” – mounted as right arm
Heavy Clothing – built in
Emergency Repair Patch


PN-17, “Pen” or “17”, is a late model Imperial Penitentiary Interrogation / Security Droid, with a standard riot gun replacing its right appendage (stun only blaster carbine, requires left arm to stabilize). Unfortunately, Pen was part of an accident that resulted in severe long term structural damage to it’s frame. It was determined to be too expensive to properly repair, but was still functional, so the droid continued on in its present state, assigned the simplest of guard duty. PN-17’s memory was impaired as part of the accident, but it still vaguely recalls interrogating a high value prisoner before the explosion that caused its damage. Since the accident Pen has had reoccurring “visions” that it interprets as a mystical calling. Currently, it’s riot gun is only semi-functional (usually has a working spread barrel attachment). It has a mat grey Imperial paint job, with PN-17 stenciled on its torso. It’s only current duty is as guard on a long distance Firespray prisoner transport that is nearing end of service.


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