Ruthlessly efficient astromech droid crime lord, who runs the illegal settlement K2.


Droid, Crimelord


An astromech droid who runs the illegal settlement K2. It is cold and calculating (literally), running it’s empire strictly by cost analysis. Every action either earns or costs F5 money, and F5 acts accordingly. Nothing is ever personal, it’s always only money. This makes it both soothingly reliable, and deathly frightening. F5 will never hold a grudge, but will also never grant mercy.

“The Mainframe” – K2
Supports the status Quo by:
Keeping business running smoothly

What can it do for people?
Anything at K2 is available, for the right cost.

What does it need?
Profit is all that matters.

What makes you fear it?
It is ruled only by the bottom line


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