Imperial Governor
Mountainous. Poisonous atmosphere
Foodstuffs, Electronics, Mechanical Engineers
Ore, (now manufactured goods)

Klaav is a inhospitable world with a wealth of mineral resources under it’s surface. Hard and mountainous, it is covered in a dense a poisonous mist, making surface travel nearly impossible. Only droids operate for any length of time on the surface.

The planet is also almost surrounded by a series of thick “rings” made of ice.

It currently serves as a prison planet, using the convicts to mine the precious resources. The planet is ruled by a local Baron, who reports to the Imperial Authorities. He rules the small settlement that has formed around the ore’s exportation, Sobran Station.

Elsewhere on the world is K2. Founded by malfunctioning droids from the prison colony, it is a safe-haven for droids. It is run by the ruthlessly efficient “F5,” who has developed a lucrative business siphoning ore from the mining colony and selling them off-world at a competitive rate. A small town has formed around the 4 docking platforms where the smugglers looking to move F5’s ore land. The site is located in a hard to reach canyon, surrounded by high mountains, and an especially dense area of mist. It is nearly impossible to find without precise directions. These directions have traditionally been a closely held secret to a select group of smugglers, but the operation has become so successful that the secret is spreading.

K2 has become a victim of it’s own success. As trade of the ore has grown, so has word of the town and scoundrels come from all around to get a cut of the action. When the 4 docks are full, eager traders land outside the settlement, setting down in easier and easier to find places, threatening the town’s secrecy.

The Empire has been drawing more and more ore for a special (and secret) project. Quotas are high, and the droids’ ability to steal ore has become limited. Officials are starting to suspect their accounting is being compromised.

Some enterprising droids are looking to cut out the middle-man of sending ore to outlying planets and are starting to manufacture components themselves. These operations often exist a short distance outside K2, and sell to the travelers who frequent the town. They are becoming successful enough for F5 to notice and want a cut.

important settlements
Sobran Station
Klaav Mines
Outlying droid manufacturing plants

travel times (need work)


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